Green Mountain Composition

How to Apply
Eligibility: Participation is open to students at least 15 years of age.

You will need to submit: Two (2) letters of recommendation:

One letter preferably from a music teacher or instructor;
​One letter from an individual who can address the student’s level of maturity.

Submit two scores and if available recordings demonstrating the applicant’s overall ability and level.

Video should be sent via DVD or uploaded onto YouTube with link.
​Audio should be sent via CD or uploaded onto YouTube with link.

Scores with DVD or CD recordings should be mailed to the address below; or scores maybe e-mailed as pdf files with YouTube links to recordings to the e-mail address below.

Send application materials to:

Michael S. Rothkopf
315 Commonwealth Drive
Winston-Salem, NC 27104


Upon acceptance, students will be required to fill out an online application, a Release and Agreement form, a Medical Treatment Authorization form and submit an application fee of $60 ($80 if submitted after March 15, 2013.)


Tuition, fees, room and board for resident students: $2,989
Tuition and fees for commuter students: $2,389

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